Hair Tousled, shoulder length, chestnut brown
Eyes Slate
Height 6'4"
Age Mid 40's
Build Muscular & Well-toned
Skin Copper, very tan, face is usually clean shaven

Bryan was born in Texas, the oldest of 3 kids. His mother and father taught him to appreciate life and the challenges it brought. There were many challenges, and at a young age, he was taught to be aware of his foes and to never trust strangers enough to turn his back on them. He also was taught that love is golden, and betrayal was a knife. Unfortunately, Bryan has learned over and over again how true that really is.

An adventure junkie, Bryan believes you have to take some chances, that life is not as fun if you don't. He came to Morada from Texas, after many years of working as a session drummer in Dallas and Houston. While he never got his big break, after years of toiling in the industry, he decided he needed a change of pace and location. He came to Morada in 1996, unprepared for the crime rate, yet adapted to it quickly enough. Years later, he now lives on the island, and assists the Cape Marassas Police Department as a bounty hunter, while occasionally teaching natives and tourists music and percussion.

Bryan tends to keep more to himself and those he knows well, but will help people who ask for his help. Family and friends are important to him, which does tend to make him protective of those he cares for.

Most comfortable in either jeans and a t-shirt, Bryan tends to be rather noticeable around the island. His trademark long hair and passion for black leather make him rather easy to spot. He prides himself on being an individual, and not trying to be a part of any one crowd. Although, he's not immune to dressing up for special events, albeit shamelessly maintaining his own personal style in his choice of formal wear.

Bryan now is the proud owner of Carribean Hit Studios, which is inside his ranch house on the West End of Cape Marassas. He spends much time there tending to his beautiful horse, Dakota, and his wildly amusing kitten, Spartacus when he's not mixing some tracks, teaching music, fishing on the boats, or hunting down perps in the North Central Jungle Canverns. He shares the ranch with his lovely wife Jewel Michaels, who he wed in a "fairy tale" ceremony in May 2001. She's the love of his life, and though they almost were never reunited after her near death at the hands of a terrorist, theirs is an intense love that has been well forged through time.