Total Land Mass: 426 square miles plus 50 or more square miles of offshore island with about 95 kilometers of coastline.
Average Climate: Tropical, humid. Normal temperatures range between 75 to 85, but it's not uncommon for daytime temps to reach 90 or over 100 in the Summer. Normal night time temps are around the upper 40s and low 50's.
Island Capital: Cape Marassas. Population, roughly 190,000 and growing.
Currency: Island Dollar (ID): worth less than 10 US cents. This explains why things are pretty dang expensive on Morada.
Government: Constitutional monarchy with a titular King and elected Prime Minister. However, recent unpleasant events have brought about the need for a new Board of Governors.
Main Exports: Bananas, exotic seafood & marine products, sugar.
Important Holidays: Moradian Independence Day: January 15.

It's warm, it's humid, it's's paradise! Morada is the place to be if you are looking for excitement and adventure, a cold beer or tropical drink at the Pub (actually, in front of it as it seems these days), or just a place to fish. Warm sunny beaches and gorgeous sunsets pretty much give you the feeling that you've just reached nirvana, until you wander more.
It's pretty relaxed in the heart of Cape Marassas, and even in the more modest New Marina area, but getting out into the outer-lying areas of Old Waterfront, The West End, French Quarter, or the South and North Central Jungle you take your chances with the bad element of the island. In some places, it's standing around that gets you in trouble.
Those who have a love affair with the sea and fishing can choose from several boats, which can take them to some pretty great fishing spots. Everything from groupers to swordfish can be caught, but it's always wise to be mindful of the Morada Fishing Regulations. Many anglers with dollar signs floating before their eyes have found themselves in jail at the CMPD, before being taken before the judge and fined.
The Limestone Caverns are a hauntingly beautiful place to spend some time. Literally. Aside from some of the most astonishingly beautiful, obsidian encrusted caves filled with precious gems and clear wells of water, there are spirits about. Restless and menacing spirits, who want nothing more than to drain you of your energy and waste you away to nothing more than a lump of lifeless flesh. If you go there, carry a lamp, and holy water!
New Marina Beach is a place where lovers go to be alone and watch the sunsets, and sun worshipers lay on huge beach towels, slathering themselves with suntan lotion and cocoa butter. It's the most hedonistic spot on the island, and only a mere 4 blocks from my condo in New Marina East. In fact, this beach was the reason I moved from Downtown Cape Marassas. I craved the smell of the sea each morning, and there's nothing like feeling the salty breeze against your skin when you open the window at night before going to bed.
Balmour Beach, near the Balmour Country Club, is where many tourists go to enjoy a quiet moment. It's serenity and gorgeous scenery have played a part in many marriage proposals, weddings, and moments of serious soul searching for a lot of people. It's almost got a certain "voice," as the waves roll onto the shore, and sometimes you can swear you hear angels whispering in your ear. It's that peaceful in some places. In other places, there's a feeling of celebration, perfect for the best luaus and beach parties. Believe me, there have been many great ones on Balmour Beach.

Morada is a beautiful place, but a dangerous place just the same. As you enjoy your stay, party hard, dance a lot, sing at the top of your lungs, drink to the foam, but most of all stay safe. Your life could depend on it!