This page is designed for the new tourist, in the efforts to help you get along when you get here, and to help you get used to your new vacation hideaway!

At the risk of sounding like a parent or grade school teacher, here are a few pieces of advice for you, and hopefully it helps you get along better with your fellow tourists:

1.) Remember these are real people you're interacting with. Every character has a spirit with feelings who's watching what you do, and listening to everything you say to them. It's better to be respectful to people, rather than a jerk. Think about what you say or do to people. What's a hoot to you, may be hurtful or offensive to someone else and could get you in a lot of trouble.

2.) If you are hanging out somewhere and someone there starts giving you a real hard time, you don't have to take it from them. If you enjoy getting grief and live for the argument, then fine. But if you don't, rather than try to give them hell right back, it's best to leave the room instead and just move on to someplace else where people are not as rude. If it's a constant reoccurring hassle from the same person or group of people, it's harassment. By all means report them to the Game Masters. You paid for your ticket to travel to this island, so you have every right to enjoy your stay, and if they are messing it up for you, they deserve to get in trouble for it.

3.) Ask for help if you need it. Most people will help you, providing they are not "absent minded" or otherwise asleep.

4.) It's IS acceptable to role play in Modus Operandi. Hello? This is a role-playing game! Not everyone RP's and some even treat the island like a glorified chat room, but no one has the right to diss you because you want to do what the game was actually designed for. They need to get a grip, so ignore them. If you didn't come to the island to RP, don't ruin it for those who did. I strongly encourage reporting those players who intend to make it hard for others to role-play in the game to the Game Masters.

5.) It's okay to advance in levels. Some would rather you sat in one place and vegetate while watching the rest of the world go by. If you want to RP a lump of lazy flesh, that's your right, but it's much more fun and rewarding to actually DO something with your time on the island besides sit there and wisecrack or watch things. Try out new things, hunt, fish, solve mysteries....just get the most of the game. You're payihg for it after all. The island is a place to have fun, so unless your idea of fun is sitting around, there should be plenty for you to do.

6.) Merchants are a lot of fun to visit with and have do work for you, but please respect their policies as they set them. If they say only a certain number of items, that's what they mean. Don't argue. Deal with it and let them make you something cool. Also, people will often get restless while waiting on a merchant list, and some folks even start turning on other players. You don't have to put up with that. Just let the merchant know what's going on via whisper. That's not being a tattle tale, that's preserving your rights to enjoy the visit. The merchant will then address the problem with the player or the whole group.

7.) Public displays of affection (PDAs for short) are not a bad thing. Some make you think it is. Ignore them. People RP loving relationships in the game, and it their right to do so. You don't have the right to tell them to stop, or physically do anything to them to make them stop. No one has that right. That's harassment, and can be reported as such. At the same time, it's best not to go overboard on the PDAs. If you are slobbering all over each other about 10 times within the first few minutes in each room you enter, or doing more sexually motivated actions in the presence of other players in a public place, that's considered over the top. Get a room.

8.) If you have a license to participate in Character verses Character (CvC), you must understand that you put yourself at risk and are an open target. If you ask for a fight, someone will probably give you one. You need to realize that the person you are picking a fight with may be several levels above you, or even below you. If you want a massacre, well okay then, but if the other person does not choose to fight, or runs from you, leave them be. Also, do not attack someone who is AFK (absent minded). That's unfair advantage, considered rude, and makes you an even bigger target by that person's fellow group members. If you participate in Cvc for sparing, you do not get noto for it.

9.) You can RP whatever kind of character you wish, with whatever sexual orientation, religion, or personal creed you want, but do not expect others to accept it or act the way you demand them to. Forcing a sexual orientation, religion, or personal creed on someone is noting short of harassment. You can get celled for that, and like I said once before, I encourage people to report harassment. Don't mess with someone's head because you think they need to accept your views. That's just not cool.

10.) The most important rule of this island is to have fun. Find a way to keep having fun, but do not do it at the expense of other's feelings or well-beings. The island has seen many good people leave because of one person's actions, or a group of people's mean-spirited hammering and yammering. That's tragic, since a lot of them were great RPers. Stand up to people like this and stay. RP to spite them, and enjoy the game on your own terms, not theirs.