Player Links
Here are some sites from other tourists in the game. Great information on a lot of them, and some are just plain fun!

Aubrey's Modus Operandi Page
This is a great site for maps and logs!

Mattropolis - Modus Operandi
Mattman's site rocks! He's got great information on there, and he's also funny as hell

Amanda Hunter's Modus Page
A site about Amanda Hunter and her world

Welcome to FE Help
Very useful site for learning about the Wizard Front End. If you're confused about how to work it, this site will be of great help

Island Guides of Morada
The people who are the most qualified to tell you where to go!

Snake Silvertongue's Modus Site
This site is pretty outdated, but still contains some good information on it.

Okay, and now for a cool GM site:

The Abode of Trevor Rage
This is the site to visit to hear all about combat, hunting, weapons, perps, etc.

If you have a web site you are building and wouldn't mind it being linked to this site, please e-mail me and let me know!